Tidinz | Biography | Age| Profile| History| Singer| Rapper

Tidinz | Biography | Age| Profile| History| Singer| Rapper

Tidinz | Biography | Age| Profile| History| Singer| Rapper Tidinz - Ako Lyrics (produced by Benjamz) brother They are two types of people in thi

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Tidinz | Biography | Age| Profile| History| Singer| Rapper

Tidinz – Ako Lyrics
(produced by Benjamz)

They are two types of people in this life and burial funds as well as the invasions for the funeral money

K’Nke There is?

We’ve got to know what to

say and how to

say it is

funny and

Threats Fear Like Owl

We are engaged in Ako

poverty ni prohibited percentage Ako

There I Ojukwu

There I Ojukwu

There I fear

it is your fear? Is It for You to Fear?

There’s a lot like Ojukwu /

(Verse 1)

Can not A Young nigga get any money Anyway

I’m balling in the economy REF

Aunt Like Asortogo Lecturer Because
I Do not Give An F

Telling A Light Smile

Till Us Please note
that we’re working with you

At your age

and then you are in the middle of the world.
All my niggas Are balling

you say you’re balling but Four FourMan post

See them they claiming they take a shot
But the only shot they take at Gunman Pose

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I’m not gonna go to Ubaba Ubaba you’re gonna give you five buffalo I’m looking for

instead Kama instead you’ll go back Kama Kama you call for
Karma (Karma)

When are you in the area you want to know?
Now you follow me And I’m

the same And I’m the same boy I do not know if the kids are giving
Igweziena’s head now

Nowadays my table is like a michael
because the father

Mortgage, the sky is now LIMIT
They said I could not well F * ck I DID IT !!! WOW


[Verse 2]

Niggas and then on the platform where

I told them one day the four quarters

I had to put in work
I stopped giving
afm ch Benjamz one day and we’ll get them right

now My high account so we can talk to you

for our sale Our business is to go but

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f fk ck ha f * ck them

Young in balling balling
A very loud voice with Eseeee.
All my nigggas scheming

All my niggas winning

Anyi wants money even mana Hold up
Steady contemplating why the hell they hating
When I’m busy stacking DOES up

Wow How can i lose somewhere from gutter

Our sister nokona mohawk

I’m the King of the east

I’m the beast of the east

Who is angry with Ewu BlowJOB.
To people that think I Owe them Shit

I got 3 words for you brother nshi

They dey tell me make I do not forget them if I make am if
I do not wanna see ECHETEMU


K’ebe nno When I’m on the street?


I ‘m hood You’re looking like a buyer

When you’re in the marketplace
Get your own home
Now take a look at the

Big Pump!

[Verse 3]

[Low vibe]

Hardly Fear Is Greater Than Man Is God

Where Where Are You?

The same boy that inorganic tuu tuu in reading and puko

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Is now the man of the year

the percentage of the grief and handling

for better Put men esuzimu kambu Gay
Melu to show me things from my way

My friend is not learning for money just in my

When for College
my eacher case can the God Ekechemu remove
Osina there is a savage and enwelu mekata into argues

that the garbage

garbage garbage garbage from the garbage men
nuozi and beyond
the boy and chairs Put

the cockroach to show me what bulu
All the Way from Ok now
the nzizi is now OTE!

I do not know you from Adam my mother know my father my brother

where were you when I was under

Imalu my Mother? My brother is one of the following: A

person like me, God thinks I’m looking for a good man is a

forgetful and forgiving man.
Now you write me
urder * Mother * Them you make something nice Man


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