Somadina Adinma Biography, Age, Parents, Birthday, Contact, Wikipedia

Somadina Adinma Biography, Age, Parents, Birthday, Contact, Wikipedia

The Biography Somadina Adinma, real age, how old is he, phone number, Somadina Adinma and Regina Daniel Somadina Harrison Adinma is a Nigerian acto

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The Biography Somadina Adinma, real age, how old is he, phone number, Somadina Adinma and Regina Daniel

Somadina Harrison Adinma is a Nigerian actor who hails from Neni in Anambra State, He started from his childhood to feature in movies, He is one of the greatest gifts of being young is that particular blend of self-trust and self-consciousness, Somadina Adinma have managed to turn this form of heady young man introspection into expression instead of tedium.

In this exclusive interview with Mukosolu Nzom he discloses a whole lot of things about his life, career, and the journey so far….


Tell Me About Your Education

I just graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University where I studied Theatre art.

What Kind Of Roles Do You Prefer?

I do not really have a special kind of role; I do love to be a stereotyped actor. I will gladly take up any aside all these internet soft porn.

What Character Was The Toughest For You To Change Into?

No work of art is easy though, it’s a big deal taking up the characters of someone else and playing it as if it’s yours.

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Are You A Model?

Not really, it’s a once in awhile thing, freelance to be precise.

Are You In A Relationship?

(Smiles) Yes, I am in a relationship.

Do You Mind Telling Us Who She Is?

(Laughs) Relax! With time you will know.

No Need Hiding It…We Already Know Who She Is


Regina Daniels!

(Laughs) No!!!

If No, What’s Your Relationship With Her?

My relationship with Gina? We are friends or you can call it a friendly relationship (smiles).

But I Saw Recent Pictures Of You And Regina That Looks So Romantic, What Do You Have To Say About That?

We are working on a movie ‘Mma My Love’. It’s a love story and we happened to be village lovers in the movie. So the pictures you saw were just set pictures and nothing more.

OK! If You Say So, But What Cant You Be Caught Doing?

I can’t be caught kissing my girlfriend outside. I don’t like the public display of affection, I like my stuff private.

What stuff?

You Know nah…

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Heard You Are A Presenter Too?

Yes! I was once a presenter, I used to anchor children’s program then before I secured admission and I kept it aside so that I can focus on my studies. And now that am through with school, I may still go into it.

Tell Me A Little About Yourself

I am really a crazy person and I love to play a lot especially when I am around close pals.

Since You Are The Crazy Type, Can You Act Nude If You Are Paid Fifty Million Naira?

Not at all, I wouldn’t, I can’t… Nude??? No!!!

Hmmm…. Really?

Nothing will ever make me act nude. Fifty million naira is a huge sum of money but no amount of money can push me to do so.

Have You Ever Been Disgraced By A Fan Because Of A Role You Played In A Movie?

Well, I haven’t really experienced such but it’s embarrassing when I meet young people and they say are you not that small boy then that cries for Africa? And I will be like while I was small you was too and now that I am grown so are u.

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Family Background

I am the last child from a family of two, two boys to be precise. I am from Neni In Anambra State, grew up in Lagos.

Describe Your Acting Style?

I am a method actor

When Was Your First Role As An Actor?

My first role was in the movie ‘Beyond Death’, I acted alongside Osita Iheme and others.

What Are You Working On Now?

I have been on many projects and currently working on one now, I must say it’s not easy but this is where I want to be.

Tell Me About A Time When You Had A Difficulty With A Character And Why Was It Challenging

When I had difficulty stepping into the shoes of my character was in Chika Ike’s ‘Miss Teacher’, where I had to act as a secondary school boy and then I was in my third year. So I had to put myself in the shoes of a secondary cajole student.

Of All The Roles You Have Played In The Past Which Was Your Favorite?

I totally love my character in the movie ‘Weeping Flower’ and ‘Love And Oil’

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